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Roy Dorman

What’s For Lunch?

After having been together
for more than fifty years,
it’s his first morning
without her,
and though there is pancake mix,
as well as eggs, syrup,
and cooking oil,
he sits at the kitchen table,
with no company
except for his grief,
eating cornflakes
straight from the box,
and staring at the jar
of peanut butter
that will certainly be part
of his lunch.

Roy Dorman likes children, dogs, the color blue, and long walks on the beach.

Roy Dorman

Waiting Just a Little

The porch light is on,
and the key is still under
the potted geranium
in the corner,
but I no longer sleep
on the couch
waiting for you.

Roy Dorman would like to have one of his One Sentence Poems picked up by a Hollywood producer, perhaps Steven Spielberg, and have it made into a very short full-length motion picture.

Roy Dorman


From the gym floor
she singled me out
for Lady’s Choice,
a slow dance,
and I made my way down
from seven rows up
in the bleachers,
past snickering buddies,
and danced with her to Skeeter Davis’
“The End of the World,”
thinking I should tell Father Ziegler soon
I wouldn’t be going to the seminary in the Fall.

Roy Dorman enjoys short poetry, short fiction, and quirky little bios.

Roy Dorman

Being Seen

He takes extra care in dressing this morning
as he is meeting Narcissus
for coffee
and surely they will be observed
by the other customers.

Roy Dorman, a voracious reader for over 60 years, has had poetry and flash fiction published recently on a number of online literary sites. 

Roy Dorman


In the gentle darkening of dusk,
white tail deer stand wide-eyed,
ears and tails erect,
transfixed on the lawn outside
a ramshackle cabin,
as the commotion
of a hunters’ poker game
pours through screened windows.

Roy Dorman is the submissions editor of Lake City Lights, an online literary site, and has had poetry and flash fiction published recently in a number of online magazines and journals.