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henry 7. reneau, jr.

The Book of Hours

The sun sets on enhanced interrogation,
even as it rose, exponentially, on drone strikes,

like the sum of collateral damage
became a euphemism, beyond our peripheral

vision, & we held the shining black eye
of history in our mouth, as if

we imagined God in our every breath, as if we
are, all of us, alone in the complicity of others.

henry 7.reneau, jr. writes words in conflagration to wake the world ablaze.

M. A. Istvan, Jr.

Haciendo fría

En las épocas anteriores a la refrigeración
alguien tenía que haber pensado
para sentarse la sandía, las uvas—
estos y otros—en la corriente,
desbloquear los gustos ocultos en el frío.

Making Cold

In the epochs before refrigeration
someone had to have thought
to sit the watermelon, the grapes—
these and others—in the stream,
unlocking tastes hidden in the cold.

M. A. Istvan, Jr. suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder. In addition to Newport loosies, he and his father sold “Free the Juice” shirts and caps during the OJ trial. Visit his page at https://txstate.academia.edu/MichaelIstvanJr.


William Cullen, Jr.

Standing by Your Grave
on Your Birthday

How noisy birth is with the new born bawling
as if it already had a foreboding
of a quiet place where the grass is always cut
and the leaves are always raked away
so one could read its name
and its birth date as clearly
as one could
through tears of rage.

The author’s poetry has appeared in *82Review, Allegro Poetry, Concis, Right Hand Pointing, Star*Line and previously in One Sentence Poems.

William Cullen, Jr.

I Could Have Used Queequeg

I put one foot forward
in front of the other
heel to toe and count
the paces off
to indicate
the size of the plot
I’d like to buy.

The author’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in *82Review, Canary, Farming Magazine, New Verse News, The Drought Anthology, and Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics.

William Cullen, Jr.

The Day a Nature Journal Lost Its Grant

A truck backfires
and flurries suddenly appear
as if some hunter had blasted
a snowy egret out of the sky—
a no-fly zone for beauty.

The author’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in *82 Review, Canary, Farming Magazine, New Verse News, The Drought Anthology, and Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics.

William Cullen, Jr.

Her  Burial

The April rain that usually cleanses
pelted us like we were actors
performing for the dead
but could not quite cross that line
where the stage ended
and eternity began.
William Cullen, Jr., a veteran who works at a non-profit in New York City, has had his poetry appear in Canary, Gulfstream, New Verse News, Spillway, The Christian Science Monitor and Word Riot.

William Cullen, Jr.

Climatic Omen

Robins returning
in winter instead of spring
sing while it’s still dark
waking me early again
like they have something
so important to say
you’d think the world
was coming to an end.

William Cullen, Jr., a veteran who works at a non-profit in New York City,. has had his poetry appear Asimov’s Science Fiction, Christian Science Monitor, Four and Twenty, Rose Red Review, Poppy Road Review and Wild Goose Poetry Review