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Fredric Koeppel


Under a sky
so blue you
could break it
over your knee
and hand the
shards out to
the poor in spirit,
an empty grocery
cart rolls along
the parking lot,
grazes a light
pole, gathers speed
down an incline
and smashes
into the back
of a red Volvo
station wagon,
igniting the car’s
blazoning alarm.

Fredric Koeppel lives in Memphis, Tennessee, and has published poems and stories in many and diverse print and online journals for longer than most people have been alive.



Fredric Koeppel


It’s a wonder how much dirt
comes out of a shallow grave,
making a bed softer than
many you slept in
when the last thing on your mind
was waking up again.

Fredric Koeppel lives in Memphis and had a poem in Right Hand Pointing once.