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Erica Goss

The Rites of Solitude

Let these
be the rites
of solitude:
to keep the mind
clean as a lighthouse,
as if it were a sanctuary
alive with our collected blessings.

Erica Goss writes poetry and prose in a house on a hill in the South Willamette Valley.


Erica Goss


They die in secret places,
bodies whisked away,

not a scrap left behind, still
I have found them, whole

and pliable, eyes not
yet dull, fit the small

bulk into my palm, and felt
as if I had broken a promise,

failed to find the most obvious
answer, when it was hitting

the window over and over,
impossible to miss.

Erica Goss (www.ericagoss.com) is a California poet who was born in Germany.

Erica Goss

Fever Dream

I have decided
to let this
till my body,
though it
may break me
as surely as
the plow
broke the prairie,
opening me
like new soil
for fine
white roots,
foreign seed.

Erica Goss is the Poet Laureate of Los Gatos, CA.

Erica Goss

The Scent of Orange Blossoms

My father braked hard,
kicked the car door open,
and dancing, disappeared
into the orchard
yelling, do you smell them,
do you smell – and into my
freeway-leaded childhood
the scent of orange blossoms
wafted like a stranger’s

Erica Goss is the Poet Laureate of Los Gatos, CA.

—first published in The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop, by Diane Lockward (Wind Publications, 2013)