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Deonte Osayande


In sports, everyone
eventually becomes replaceable, the lucky
don’t see who’s next biting at their heels

and in the end our bodies are on borrowed time,
eventually betraying us, with loan payments

that we have to pay later on in life
but I always knew I was expendable
from the day my high school coach
told me he never favored me and tried

to have me replaced by a runner who
wasn’t even as fast as me and one
that I thought was my enemy

until we had guns drawn on us
when we returned to school.

Deonte Osayande is a retired sprinter turned nonfiction writer and poet.

Deonte Osayande


If I made an app on my phone
for black love I would name it
something like did you eat
or let me know
when you made it home safely
because I need the condition
of my lover’s survival
on hand, in my palm
at a moments notice
just like how quickly
all could be lost.

Deonte Osayande

The Paranoia Says the Helicopter Searches For Me

As the announcement
of the training
exercise on campus
for the police force comes
into my classroom and I joke
about the threat, about
my blood pressure as if
there wasn’t a shooting
at a community college
weeks before, as if I weren’t
the same complexion as the targets
cops use at their shooting ranges.

Deonte Osayande is a former track and field sprinter and writer from Detroit, Mi.

Deonte Osayande


The other cars on the road
cut us off, forcing
the awkward silence
associated with the wait
in the cab longer than expected
which prompts the driver
to ask what kind of people
we’d be interested in
if he were selling
and this wasn’t just
“an odd hypothetical”. 

Deonte Osayande is a writer, instructor and former sprinter from Detroit, Michigan.

Deonte Osayande

Fear & Forgiveness

My mother prays
for the hate
to be removed
from the hearts
of so many
in this country
before I realize
how we lack
even somewhere safe enough
for us to do that.

Deonte Osayande is a writer, instructor and former sprinter from Detroit, Michigan.