Aaron Sandberg

A Lock of Walt Whitman’s Hair Displayed at the New York Public Library

I looked for you
beneath the glass

and saw
a white swirl

like a fish
being found,

diving elsewhere

to find me.

Aaron Sandberg thinks chilaquiles is an excuse to eat nachos for breakfast and he’s on board. Find him on Instagram @aarondsandberg.



Mike Cole


For Jane

At 20,000 feet,
roped in a line of silhouettes,
stepping single file
across a sky scraped clean
by wind so strong
she can lean her full weight against it,
she knows a hurt so deep
she closes her eyes
before each step and builds
new reasons for going on,
knows how new
the Bolivian light will seem
those mornings after the climb
when she wakes late
in her room in La Paz,
stands in the open window
looking out at the mountain
that crushed her spirit
to dark stone
then gave it back to her
with brighter wings
to carry her between here
and her next climb.

Mike Cole lives and writes and waits on the arrival of poems in the mountains of Central California near Yosemite.



Anthony Santulli

Something about 12:32 AM

and the reverb on this DJ’s voice
makes me wish I were a frequency
ricocheting like pinballs off the cosmos
with no direction except
the scimitar edge of your tongue
beaming with jazzy code
just a few hundred lightyears away.

Anthony Santulli is a New Jersey born writer with a B.A. in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University. His recent work has appeared in minor literature[s], the tiny journal, Juste Milieu Lit , and petrichor.



Jennifer Minotti

My Fears

I fear the tangle of my hair clip,
an accident from my Volvo wagon,
monkeys stealing from my purse,
oyster crackers drying my saliva,
mice living in the woodpile,
and most of all,
the shovel that will be used
to cover my pine casket.

Jennifer Minotti chugs kombucha and devours raw peas when she is not curating the Journal of Expressive Writing.



Darrell Petska

The Poet’s Life as a Dog

Collared with words, I trot
nose to the tracks of others
whose auras, promising more
than shuttered faces can tell,
taunt like maddening rabbits
forever evading my reach.

Darrell Petska is a retired university engineering editor from Madison, Wisconsin, and that’s all he has to say about that.



Eric Mohrman

A History Plays Out

You dream, tossing
above the ruins beneath
your bed, subconsciously concocting

some other cosmic complaint as

stars flutter

Eric Mohrman may or may not accomplish anything worth mentioning in a bio.



George Salamon

What Language Does Your Muse Speak?

When I came to America
as a boy I had to cross
fallow land between
languages, transforming
words and stories without
abandoning their memories,
now I can no longer tell
which ones were born to
the mother tongue.

George Salamon has sat between the chairs of German and English since he was 14.



J.R. Solonche

Beached Boat

Small as boats go
and don’t go, face-
down on the ground,
chained to a tree, now
it floats in place upon
the earth along with
everything else on earth.

Nominated for the National Book Award and twice-nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. J.R. Solonche is the author of 24 books of poetry.