Ian Willey

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I was out walking when a man ran
up to me saying “sparrows swiftly
berate the summit, pass it on!”
so I said “okay!” and said just that
to a woman walking her Shiba Inu
who said “sure!” and hurried off
towards someone else and I watched
as people bounced into each other
on the street like billiard balls and
though I have no idea how this began
and how it came to an end I can tell
you that the next day there were more
people out and about than usual and
some of them even had binoculars.

Ian Willey once drove from Akron, Ohio to Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend the first ever MST 3K Conventio-Con-Expo-Fest-a-Rama where he wore a homemade Gamera costume and had the time of his life.