marks the 4th anniversary of
One Sentence Poems going live. 

We published our first poem on March 14, 2014. It was by Eric Burke. We’ve made an Eric Burke poem an anniversary tradition at OSP, and Eric’s latest will hit your inbox shortly.

Sometime this summer, we will publish our 1000th poem. When we do, we’ll probably miss that we did it and then we’ll realize we did when we publish poem #1009 or something. It’s like that thing that happens with the odometer of your car when you look forward to it rolling over 88,888 miles and you forget and you look down and it’s at 88, 894. DAMN IT!

Let’s mark this occasion by establishing the One Sentence Poems Hall of Fame of People Who Have Published the Most Work on One Sentence Poems. Here they are:

  • Howie Good
  • Brad Rose
  • Devon Balwit
  • Andy Fogle
  • J. R. Solonche
  • Keith Nunes
  • Mark Young
  • Steve Klepetar
  • William Cullen, Jr.

Thanks to these folks, and thanks to all who have submitted, all who subscribe, all who are our readers.

Special shout-out to Editor Emeritus Robert Scotellaro.

Dale & Elizabeth