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Gil Hoy


Before waking
sleeping giant ghosts

living deep inside you,

living deep inside
your most faraway dreams,

be sure you first know
your universe to its core.

Gil Hoy is a Boston poet and trial lawyer.

Ion Corcos


As the days lengthen,
an eighty-year-old woman walks slowly
down the hill, turns eighty-one.

Ion Corcos is currently travelling full-time and enjoys writing about nature and life. Ion’s website is and he tweets at @IonCorcos.

Mike Swengel


That rush,
walking the
short hallway toward
long nights in
her room.

Mike Swengel is excited to find an opportunitPreview (opens in a new window)y to share things he’s been saving for ‘someday’ and ‘maybe.’

Andrew Morr

Love # 1

A spare second within my rag-tag day
delivers me the thought
that soon,
we’ll make a pretty fair family:
not one without flaw,
but with enough love to bear beauty.

Andrew Morr is a white belt in writing.

Steve Klepetar


When a man walks from shadows
and his eye explodes and
his stretched-out hands radiate
flame, when that happens, when
his face tears a hole in the sky,
we find these sentences hard
to complete because words
are not prayers and prayers
have never been made of brick
or stone and here’s how hard it is
to be alive: one minute the ocean
lies sweetly off shore, with sunshine
and gulls flashing through blue air,
but then you’re underwater, clinging
to a broken door, struggling
to break the surface of a wave.

Steve Klepetar knows it’s the month before the month of May, and spring comes slowly up this way.


Jonathan May

When we were forced
from Zimbabwe
I learned
you can leave
what you most love
but the question is
how you will deal
with being ripped

Jonathan May, who grew up in Zimbabwe, now writes and teaches in Memphis.