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Sreedhar Vinnakota


An embarrassed smile
under the spotlight, a whimper
in the cacaphony, a wave
of the hand to greet
the anonymous, an eye
on the clock, handshakes
to overcome moments, a hug
and a swivel to dispel distance
inching to get a foot
in the door to escape –
all mean the same thing:

please let me breathe.

Sreedhar Vinnakota is a theoretical physicist and a writer from Chennai, India.


Sreedhar Vinnakota

Plato Didn’t Move

Had Plato moved
from his chair

to take a closer look
at the object he beheld,

he would well have said:
let the beholder be,

what is beautiful from far,
is often far from beautiful.

Sreedhar Vinnakota is a theoretical physicist who lives in Chennai, India.

Sreedhar Vinnakota

We Men

We grappled, bit by bit
unravelling the universe
with Einstein’s relativity
and Planck’s quantum

to understand aging

twins, shrinking rods,
slowing clocks, atoms
floating, and pixellated
light, all the while

feeling smug and smart

that we could
control the universe

and dictate its future

until we heard
the shots that splattered
blood and turned
the blackboard red.


Sreedhar Vinnakota is a theoretical physicist who lives in Chennai, India.