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Scott Hughes


You died two years ago,
but since you don’t
have a gravesite, I find
myself still leaving you
messages on social media,
digital prayers that I hope
reach you through the code
of zeroes and ones.

Scott Hughes wants you to read some of his other writing at https://www.writescott.com/

Scott Hughes


My brother sits across from me
in the prison visiting room,
his jumpsuit the color
of coffee-stained teeth, and says,
“Keep the letters coming.
Whenever I read them, I’m free.”

Scott Hughes typically writes fiction much longer than one sentence. https://www.writescott.com/

Scott Hughes

Old Plot 

My father drives me around his new property,
a tract slicing into the Okefenokee Swamp,
and points out the grotesquely twisted pines,
the spot where a B-29 fireballed to earth in ‘48,
and the nearly toppling house where Seminoles
led by Billy Bowlegs slaughtered an entire family,
and he says, “One day this will be yours.”

Scott Hughes spends most of his time finding excuses not to write. https://www.writescott.com/