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Scott Hughes


Today, on what would have been
our seventeenth anniversary,
I am instead alone, waist-deep
in the Atlantic, burying my feet
in sand like wet cement and leaning
toward the empty beach to steady
myself against the pull
of a wave building behind me,
and I wonder why I’m resisting
the ocean’s desire to carry me

farther out until the land
and everything I know
is too far away to see.

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Scott Hughes

Silver Dog

My sixteen-year-old
Mini Schnauzer
can barely walk
and often stands
in place, staring
at a wall or down
an empty hallway
as though a voice
only he can hear
is calling him close,
perhaps telling him
what a good boy
he’ll always be.

Scott Hughes has two books coming out, so check his website: www.writescott.com


Scott Hughes


People told me that after you wear
your wedding band long enough,
there would be a permanent
indentation on your finger,
but what they didn’t tell me,
what they may not have even known,
is once you leave the ring off
how soon your skin forgets.

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Scott Hughes


When my father called
and asked how I was doing,
the words I wanted to say
escaped me in an exhale,
traveled through the phone
to the nearest cell tower
to the outer atmosphere
and off to who knows where,
and all I could tell him was
“I’m good, Dad. I’m good.”

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Scott Hughes

Death of a Song

As I drive,
a bird flies
under my tire,
and I feel
its bones shatter
and wonder
what songs
it was meant
to sing.

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Scott Hughes

Schrödinger’s Rejection Letter

When I find a new email
in my inbox from a journal

I submitted to, I wait to open it
because in that moment

my writing is simultaneously
rejected and accepted.

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Scott Hughes


You died two years ago,
but since you don’t
have a gravesite, I find
myself still leaving you
messages on social media,
digital prayers that I hope
reach you through the code
of zeroes and ones.

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Scott Hughes


My brother sits across from me
in the prison visiting room,
his jumpsuit the color
of coffee-stained teeth, and says,
“Keep the letters coming.
Whenever I read them, I’m free.”

Scott Hughes typically writes fiction much longer than one sentence. https://www.writescott.com/