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Pushcart Nominee 2019

Scott Hughes


People told me that after you wear
your wedding band long enough,
there would be a permanent
indentation on your finger,
but what they didn’t tell me,
what they may not have even known,
is once you leave the ring off
how soon your skin forgets.

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Pushcart Nominee 2019

Ian Willey

The End

If the sun were suddenly to explode we’d have eight minutes
and twenty seconds before the shockwave reached earth
to annihilate everything, meaning there wouldn’t be enough
time to listen to “The End” by The Doors, though you could
play R.E.M.’s “It’s the End of the World as I Know It
(And I Feel Fine)” twice and still have twelve seconds left,
assuming you could tell exactly when the sun exploded
and press play right then, and you were awake,
with some time on your hands, and felt fine.

My name is Ian Willey and I approve of this poem.

Pushcart Nominee 2019

Howie Good

How to Prepare for Heartbreak

Summoning up
a kind of rage,
stubbornly walk,
or even crawl,
across a frozen sea
and then pass
through a hole in a fence,
on the other side
of which it’s dusk,
and maybe always is,
no people anywhere,
just stubble fields
and a black dog
with a red tongue.

Howie Good is on the pavement, thinking about the government shutdown.