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Marc Alan Di Martino


The year’s breath lines the window
its subtle crystal embroidery
reaching inward like a hand
as days begin the march toward equinox
daubing a little color ‒ a little light ‒
painting the world out of darkness,
out of fear.

Marc Alan Di Martino is author of the poetry collection UnburIal. He lives in Italy.



Marc Alan Di Martino


for the New Year

Through the sealed window light strikes
a wall of the house next door
breaks down its shapes until
it resembles a cubist painting, by Gris or Braque,
quarries the quivering shadows
of a new year
like a bundle of arrows
each whetted tip eyeing
some future target that hasn’t
yet come into being.

Marc Alan Di Martino is the author of the poetry collection Unburial.