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Jon Densford


In the end, you will want more
than the fuzz-free yellow skin
of that old tennis ball X-cut and
onto the bottom of one rear
leg of a cold aluminum walker,
scuffling through one last service.

Jon Densford lives in Memphis TN but goes to Arkansas to fish at least once a week.



Jon Densford

A Poem As a Precipice

The point is not to understand,
but merely to appreciate
this one last idea … that
our minds whirl around
a veined outcrop which is both
the stone altar of time
and the ledge of our letting go.

Jon Densford agrees with Jeff Tweedy of Wilco when Jeff sang “Maybe all I need is a shot in the arm.”



Jon Densford

An Ordinary Evening in West Memphis

Lucinda, the muse, was half right,
singing “maybe” while looking
east toward the bridge with
its sky reflecting pink then turning
west to see the delta’s flat out
purple sunset joy.

Jon Densford of Memphis, Tennessee crossed high bridges over the Mississippi River more than a hundred and thirty times in 2020, but never once felt tempted to stop and then jump.



Jon Densford

August Moon

The next night the full moon
wasn’t full any more,
just full of itself
and so broiling hot
it sweat diamond sweat drops
that hung in the sky
like melting stars.

Jon Densford, of Memphis TN, tried howling at the moon but found out the hard way that the moon don’t take no sass.


Jon Densford


Inside my fortune cookie
I find nothing –
no paper slip,
no words, no winning numbers –
but a presence of almonds
grown on a rain-soaked hillside.

Jon Densford lives in Memphis and has had several poems appear in print and online publications, including his favorites Right Hand Pointing and One Sentence Poems.