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J. R. Solonche

Poem Beginning with a Line by Emily Dickinson

I tried to think a lonelier thing
(and failed) than  being alone
with yourself while trying to sing
through the blood and the bone.

JR Solonche is the author of nineteen books of poetry.


J.R. Solonche


The ice thawing
on the lake sings
as it turns back
to water again
a song neither
happy nor sad,
but just a simple
wordless tune
for going home.

J.R. Solonche is the author of eighteen books of poetry and co-author of one.


J.R. Solonche


We are so adaptable,
so amazingly adaptable,

that no matter where
we find ourselves,

we manage to make
ourselves at home,

even at home,
even there.

J.R. Solonche is the author of sixteen books of poetry and coauthor of another.


J.R. Solonche


When the man in the next room died,
his daughter gave his flowers
to the nurses, so Emily, listen to me,
when I am the man in the next room,
give my flowers to the ugliest nurse only.

J.R. Solonche is the author of ten books of poetry and a frequent contributor to One Sentence Poems.


J.R. Solonche

After a Chinese Poem

Not eager for news, I am the recluse
who will not answer the door for fear
he will open to one who comes this near
only to ask the way to another’s house.

J.R. Solonche is the author of eight books of poetry.