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George Held


You led us in a daisy chain
around the giant oak
outside our kindergarten
and back inside distributed
warm, souring milk
or tinny tomato juice
and then cajoled us
onto our mats and traipsed
among us strewing cardboard
flower petals in your guise
as The Sandman
till we drowsed off
on the soft cork floor
under your tipsy gaze.

George Held has been writing one-sentence poems since he read Robert Frost’s great one-sentence sonnet “The Silken Tent” some decades ago.

George Held

A Rabbi

Bending over his instruments
like attending to the Torah
the yarmulke-clad anesthesiologist
says he prefers his propofol
with fentanyl, which is easier
to control the dosage of,
and he quips that undiluted
propofol offed MJ, “with the aid
of his physician,” I add,
and the doctor shuts me
up by sending me instantly
Into the realm
of Zero at the Bone.

George Held believes in living long and still having a good-looking corpse.

George Held

It’s a bit meta, but here’s George Held on One Sentence Poems, talking about one sentence poems.

Every one
poem is
an etude
in a minor
or a high

George Held very recently had a one sentence poem here on One Sentence Poems.