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F. John Sharp

The Meaning of Adventure

There is nothing
like a backyard
campout, where every
sound is a bad guy
or a bear, where you feel
spiders and snakes
that aren’t there,
and where you don’t really care
as long as you have
snacks and a good flashlight.


F. John Sharp lives and works on Northeast Ohio. His stuff can be found at FJohnSharp.com. and he is looking forward to the day Dale starts the journal, One Word Poems, because some days I don’t feel like working any harder than that.

*Editor’s Note: one-half-word-poems.com coming in 2021!


F. John Sharp

When The Future Was More Fun

It used to be that a dystopian
movie or book would be
a chance to think, “There’s no way
we would ever let the world
get like this,” yet
here we are, with a front row seat to
exactly how the world could get like that.

F. John Sharp swears he once saw Ned Beatty riding a bicycle in Marina Del Ray.

F. John Sharp

Taking on Water 

‘No cats in lifeboats’ is the rule,
and I can watch only seven
more hulls splash
into the icy green darkness,
before I have to say
or not.

F. John Sharp lives in Cleveland, works at real estate, and writes about things that pop into his little brain. He has been the fiction editor of Right Hand Pointing since 1949. 

F. John Sharp

Cryptozoological Stressors

Scientists use high tech
toys to flush out
Nessie in a faraway loch,
while locals’ bank
accounts wish they would all
just go away without
not finding her.

 F. John Sharp is nearly old enough to drop that pretentious ‘F’ from his name, and edits the tiny fiction division of the arts juggernaut, Right Hand Pointing.

F. John Sharp

Gong is harder than it looks

when you are asked to
strike just once
a thirty six inch disc of
brass with a twelve ounce beater,
in a passage that is quieter than
a whisper, knowing
too hard is obnoxious,
too gentle is dead air, and
the director has, in the past,
singled you out for your failures.

F. John Sharp tried several times to make a one poem sentence until  he read the guidelines more carefully.

F. John Sharp

I draw with this red crayon

hearts, like boy-giddy
schoolgirls in study hall
pretending love is forever,
practicing the entwining of
initials like limbs, when all
they need to know about
adulthood is you shouldn’t
have to sit alone in Denny’s
with a red crayon drawing hearts.

F. John Sharp lives and works in the Cleveland, Ohio area but you can find him online at FJohnSharp.com.