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Don Kingfisher Campbell

Biology, Chemistry, Physics,

when cells bump into each other,
when soil is pummeled with raindrops,
when flowers open to the sun,
when flies swarm shit,
when spiders intertwine legs,
when a caterpillar walks on a twig and leaf,
when fish kiss,
when mice rub noses,
when newborn wolves huddle and whimper, claws kneading,
when monkeys grab and hold on for dear hair,
when a baby nuzzles a mammalian protuberance,
when kindergarteners play in the same sandbox,
when eyes see eyes and blink,
when fingers roam soft skin,
when elephants interlock trunks,
when whales swim side by side, water flowing around bodies,
when trees touch limbs,
when clouds lose moisture,
when planets orbit a star,
we generate lightning and thunder through existence, until one of us dies.


Don Kingfisher Campbell has spent half a century in schools, had four marriages, two adult kids, composed and published hundreds of poems, and is not dead yet.