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David James


My friend, you can’t hide behind a broken dream because the gardenia’s hint that fills your air with her perfumed scent will remain residue and thoughts of her on the stairs up to your place that first time will make you recall your only bath together, how you kissed toothpaste foam from the cleft of her chin.

David James resides in Atlanta, occasionally writes flash and microfiction stories and very little poetry.

David James

I Wouldn’t Be Afraid

if you
told me
that the end
would ease
me into
the afterlife
like a clock
winding down
if you could
guarantee me
a sweet kiss
in that final
second before
my last
if I knew
you would
go on
and enjoy
your days
and memories,
revel in
the morning sun
with your cup
of Ahmad tea
and knitting,
our grandchildren
coming over
to visit
and swim,
their smiles
planted on
your full heart,
I’d close
my eyes
and let
my soul
go, let it
around you
and touch
your face
one more
the golden
stairs to
heaven where
I’d save a
cloud for you
and a perfect
set of wings,
waiting there
at the pearly gate
with hand-picked
flowers and a

David James’ third book, My Torn Dance Card, was a finalist in the 2016 Next Generation Indie book award. Along with publishing six chapbooks, more than thirty of his one-act plays have been produced. He teaches at Oakland Community College.



David James


I wrote her a poem and
she said, ‘I hate poetry’ and I said,
‘OK, just read the words then.’

David James lives in Atlanta where he reads a lot and writes not a lot.