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Nachman of Breslov

translation from  Hebrew by Catherine B. Krause

נחמן מברסלב — כל העולם כולו

כל העולם כולו גשר צר מאוד
והעיקר — לא לפחד כלל.

A Very Narrow Bridge

The whole world is all a very narrow bridge,
and what’s important is to fear nothing at all.

Rebbe Nachman (1772-1810) achieved much acclaim as a teacher and spiritual leader, and is considered a seminal figure in the history of Hasidism.

Catherine B. Krause often falls off bridges shaking.

Catherine B. Krause


Early in the morning on my birthday,
a couple days after our first Seder without her at the table,
she lifts her narrow-ruled hand to the sky and exhales.

  – for Stella

Catherine B. Krause is an Earthling trying to ease the pain of slowly returning to the earth.

Catherine B. Krause

The Season

In a summer when the sun is so hot
that your old car’s air conditioner
is useless for the first several minutes that it’s on
so you have to roll down the windows,
would you like to have sex in the swimming pool?

Catherine B. Krause is Bruce Wayne by day and Catwoman by night.

Catherine B. Krause


She covers her arms and legs
with lye every day,
burning and itching and thinking
“I’m gonna look so good.”

Catherine B. Krause sells poetry books with names like “Classifieds” and  “The Leopard Slug” out of halfway houses and seedy motels.