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Amanda Laughtland

Classical Art

I wish I could paint the glow
of this row of streetlights
through the moon roof of your car

while the moon itself half-hides
behind the gray, graceful columns
(doric, ionic, or corinthian?)

of the overpass that will take us
to the karaoke bar where the line
to sing will be so lengthy

we’ll return to your bucket seats
and ask Siri to play us music
under the barely perceptible stars.

Amanda Laughtland enjoys writing in spiral notebooks, reading novels, and shopping at the dollar store.

Amanda Laughtland

Miss Match

With the pen we won playing Skee-Ball
I want to tell you how I used to

believe I fit the world like a glove
stuck in a sock drawer, but with you

I can laugh at any admonishment
as though it were blinking

in tiny green and orange lights
the way the Skee-Ball machine told us

“Try Harder!” when we would miss
its near-impossible bullseye.

Amanda Laughtland enjoys writing tiny poems and making tiny zines and collages.