Steve Klepetar

My Old Life

As night
I leave
my body,

float out
to sing
with frogs,

but when
I return
the house
is burning,

my old life
in smoke and ash.

Steve Klepetar writes one-sentence poems (and sometimes two- or three-sentence poems) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and he watches the money roll in.



Maria McLeod


my cotton blouse
over the end table,
how the floor boards
creaked when we
crossed them,
your work boots,
one atop the other,
the rental flat
radiator’s clank
and steamy hiss,
how quickly
we unmade
the bed, carving
each other
open, bright
against the night.

Maria McLeod, a Washington-based writer of poetry, fiction and monologues, is the recipient of three Pushcart Prize nominations, the Indiana Review Poetry Prize, and the Robert DeMott Short Prose Prize.



John Fritzell


He can barely stand
the walker
floats him a hand,
not much,
two pair
of stilts,
skis and wheels
over shag,
a late
played for a rush.

John Fritzell‘s chapbook Thuribles will be out in June 2021.



J.R. Solonche

A Selection from Fifty Poems Starting with Lines by Emily Dickinson


I know some lonely houses off the road
where lonely people live in their quiet way,
but I also know a few that will explode
with heavy metal every Saturday.

J.R. Solonche is the author of twenty books of poetry and co-author of another.



Richard Leach


The book where one signs up
for better days ahead has a million
pages and all are full so we have gone
back to the beginning and begun
to sign on top of names which have
been there for thousands of years.

Richard Leach is a poet and visual artist living in Stamford, Connecticut.


Todd Mercer

The Ming Ten Directive

Reach for the stars,
but be the reasonable person
capable of gleaning happiness
from a plate of decent sushi too.

Todd Mercer is a regular guy who was nominated for Fiction and Poetry Pushcarts last year, but still answers his own e-mails anyway.


John Hansen

Jefferson Street

10:57 by the Farmers & Merchants Bank’s
Clock, 96° outside, inside a cool bed of dimes.

John Hansen is English Faculty at Mohave Community College in Arizona and his work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Summerset Review, The Pluralist, Philological Review, and Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature.