J. R. Solonche

Poem Beginning with a Line by Emily Dickinson

I tried to think a lonelier thing
(and failed) than  being alone
with yourself while trying to sing
through the blood and the bone.

JR Solonche is the author of nineteen books of poetry.


Hilary Sideris

The Training

We rated ourselves on a scale
of one to five on how often
we asked for the person in
charge, found flesh-colored
blemish cover that matched
ours, how often we waited
in long lines, called the cops
or had them called on us,
then stood against the window-
less room’s walls holding our
numbers to our chests, highest
to lowest in a U-shaped line,
us facing them & all those ugly
chairs & tables in between.

Hilary Sideris is the author of Animals in English, poems in the voice of Temple Grandin, from Dos Madres Press.


Lara Dolphin

Blind Willie Johnson,
sleeping on the cold ground,
sick in your burnt down house,
your golden song
slides into dark
night sky.

Lara Dolphin is a recovering attorney, novice nurse, and full-time mother of four amazing kids. She is exhausted and elated most of the time.


H. Edgar Hix

On Hearing of the Death
of an Estranged Friend

for Chuck

Now that campsite will never be found again,
never be filled with the dance of talking flames;
will remain,
but only as a darkness under too many stars
no longer waiting for the not-coming dawn.

H. Edgar Hix is in grieving, yet one more proof of a pulse.


Scott Hughes


Some nights when I dream of you,
I realize I’m dreaming, so I talk to you
like we no longer do, ask you
the questions you will not answer
in the waking world, hold you
until you vanish when my eyes open.

Scott Hughes has a book of poetry, The Universe You Swallowed Whole, out now and a new book coming out in September, Horrors & Wonders, so please visit www.writescott.com.