Steve Klepetar

Night Sounds

I hear someone singing
a little way off,
the tune bouncing
off rooftops and walls,

and frogs, every voice,
every note clinging
in a rich stew of sound.

Steve Klepetar has read 7 dystopian novels in the past two weeks.


Hilary Sideris

I Miss

the kind, stooped
beggar at Borough
Hall who sang Oh
please be careful
going up and down
the stairs and said
he loved my smile
whether I put
a dollar in his
White Castle
cup or not.

Many years ago, as a child with 20/20 vision in Indiana, Hilary Sideris shot her neighbor with a BB gun.


Joan Dobbie

Canine Distancing

Whenever we meet on the street
you cross to one side
and I cross to the other,
both of us nervously smiling
through our stylish
flower masks,
or waving, a little shyly,
with our purple nurse’s gloves
from the ends
of their short nylon leashes
our spiky little terriers snarl
and growl at each other, knowing
something’s up.


Joan Dobbie co-hosts (on ZOOM) the River Road Reading Series and loves when you purchase her The Language of Stone (2019) or her earlier Woodstock Baby, A Novel in Poetry (2013), both available on Amazon.


Tom Bierovic

In Spite of Everything

what I know,
the spider web
in moonlight
still shimmers

Tom Bierovic writes short poems, plays Native American flutes, and bangs on drums — quietly, mournfully, and loudly ( respectively) — in DeLand, Florida.