ambidextrous bloodhound productions

is run by Dale Wisely and is a shadowy organization publishing the following journals online, along with occasional print projects. ABP was founded in 2004, the same year as Facebook.

Right Hand Pointing

Six-times a year (is that bimonthly or semi-monthly?) journal of short poetry, flash fiction, and art. Editors: Dale Wisely,  F. John Sharp, Annie Stenzel, Bill McCloud, and Ina Roy-Fadermanm F. J. Bergmann

One Sentence Poems
Poems of one sentence, published one at a time, Tuesdays through Saturday.
Editors: Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, Dale Wisely, and Tony Press

White Knuckle Press
Publisher of online prose poetry chapbooks, by invitation only.
Editors: Howie Good and Dale Wisely

Unbroken Journal
Quarterly online journal of prose poetry.
Editors: Howie Good, Dale Wisely, Mike James, Tom Fugali,  Katherine DiBella Seluja, and  Kelli Goldsmith

Unlost Journal
Quarterly online journal of found poetry and art.
Editors: Dale Wisely Howie Good, Mike James, Ken Chau, and Kelli Goldsmith