Howie Good

Asleep in Class

I have heard it is bad luck to wake up
a student who is asleep in class, and so
I don’t, even though now he may never
know that Picasso dressed like a pauper
or that Bulgarians burn old used clothes
for heat and fuel or that in years to come
he will resemble a blurry photo of himself.

Author’s Bio

I could advertise the network
of scars I bear from a neurotic

upbringing, or say I live mostly
in my head, or even joke that

I am a noted writer of blurbs
for other people’s books, and

I could do it, just as required
by your submission guidelines,

in “50 words or less,” but it wouldn’t
be nearly the whole truth, more

like an article of clothing snuffled
by a search dog to learn the scent

of the person who has gone missing.

Whatever it is, Howie Good is against it.