Deonte Osayande

Birth certificates,
in the safe
with the guns,

with my slave name

diplomas, my broken
laptop from years back,

notebooks containing years
of old love poems
that I used to write,

mail from over
many months
ago, innocence
and other falsehoods,

my sister, and her kids,
old photos of childlike
versions of me, my old

sneakers, televisions
and video games
from times long ago,

bags of clothes
not worn anymore,
my cat’s old food
and water bowls,

the engagement ring,
given to my ex that
gave him to me,

hidden under
the bed.

Things Left at 18063 Woodingham

                  after Francine Harris

Deonte Osayande is a poet from Detroit, MI who finishes his poems with the titles instead of starts them with them.