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Howie Good

Head Hearts Hands

And this is how
democracy dies –
leisurely, with head
and hand making
wishful gestures
while the heart
continues frozen inside.

Howie Good is the author of THE DEATH ROW SHUFFLE, a poetry collection forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.


Ellen Huang

Want of a Wolf Suit

Once a blue moon
I crawl on all fours
into old hiding places

and howl
for the parts of me
left behind

and wait
for them to howl back.

Ellen Huang is an ace writer of fairy tales, published in 50+ places, who enjoys tasteful horror and reenacting Disney scenes on demand.


Tina Privitera-Reynolds

What Is It?

my Haight-Ashbury helmet,
my Italian heirloom,
my fiberglass insulation,
my static cling,
my gallery of caught crystal snowflakes,
my dog days of napped summer,
my knotted cursive language,
my mind’s wavelengths outstretched, but most importantly,
my hair.

Tina Privitera-Reynolds should be on the pavement clapped in a sandwich board that says “clown for hire.”


J.R. Solonche


The ice thawing
on the lake sings
as it turns back
to water again
a song neither
happy nor sad,
but just a simple
wordless tune
for going home.

J.R. Solonche is the author of eighteen books of poetry and co-author of one.