Gil Hoy




topple massive stones
atop the tallest walls.

Gil Hoy tries cases before juries in Boston, Massachusetts and searches for winning poems in his legal arguments.

Joanna Brown


Failure sings to me as she perches on my shoulder,

right next to the chip.

Joanna Brown is a recovering academic living in Reading, England who writes at She is a dedicated tea-drinker.

Neil Creighton


See how
on this rainy day
the honeysuckle
dresses in cream and gold

and how
on frosty mornings
the humble wattle displays
her summery-yellow sprays

or how
through the gloom
of grey cloud’s cluster
the sun pokes his bright toe

and hope that
in whatever darkness
come splashes of yellow and gold
and descending columns of light.

Neil Creighton is an Australian poet with a strong interest in social justice and a love of poetry which increasing years have not dimmed.

Sarena Tien

“Wǒ ài nǐ”

“Regisrasin,” my mom says,
and I correct it to “registration”
which she repeats,
the word lilting into a question

that I answer with “good,”
the same response I gave her
when she finally said “avocado”
instead of “agobado,”

leading to her laughter
as she informs me,
“I’ll forgot that”—

and although I sigh,
my heart is smiling, because
as long as she forgets
the English that I teach her,

I can tell her
“我爱你” (I love you)
whenever I want.

Sarena Tien is a Chinese-American writer, feminist, and Francophile.

Sarena Tien


“Wǒ bù zhī dào” / « Je ne sais pas » / “I don’t know”
is what I want to tell people
when they ask
how many languages I speak

because even though I learned
Chinese at home,
French at school,
and English in America,

having grown up
shy, Chinese-American, and a girl
also taught me to be well-versed in
the languages of

“Can you speak up?”
“Where are you really from?”
and “Don’t go out by yourself at night.”

Sarena Tien is a Chinese-American writer, feminist, and Francophile.

Mike Jones

American Sentencing

Common by nature, Apple, Shell, and Time shall be uncapitalized.

Mike Jones has taught in Oakland (CA) public schools since 1990, and continues to learn much from his students.


Mike Harrell

The Projector

Suddenly the days
moved faster–
light flickering
through the south window
of the parlor
as through the lens
of an antique projector,
shadows leaping
erratically across the ceiling,
the final reel unspooling
in a heap on the floor.

Mike Harrell lives in Brooklyn, NY and has been published in Avatar Review, Apocrypha & Abstractions, IthicaLit, The Centrifugal Eye, Clapboard House, Soundzine, Barnwood Magazine, Depp South Magazine, and The Alligator


Glancing Out the Window

Again and again, now
more frequently, I think
about death and how

it will have me un-
aware of its intention
to take me away

from this—
which is full of

this lifetime,

M.J.Iuppa lives on a small farm near the shores of lake Ontario.