Steve Klepetar


We now know the sun is a star eating
itself from the inside as it burns above
a sky we perceive as blue because tiny
molecules of air scatter short blue
waves of light in every direction, but

spring still seems to creep in slowly
in this northern zone, rising from ooze,
then sinking back to frozen mud, as if
a goddess and her entourage progressed
or stalled according to some ungovernable
will moved by neither sacrifice nor prayer.

Steve Klepetar lives and writes in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, where he tries desperately to hold on to his dwindling hydrogen atoms.

Lillian Hallberg


At my back
the sun projects my future
step by step in front of me,
a syncopated seer.

Lillian Hallberg is from Boston, enjoys rejuvenatement (never say retirement) andbegins each morning with a steaming cup of coffee, reading and writing poetry.

Francine Rubin

Urban Winter Birds 

Through antenna Vs,
past chimney masts,
beyond window screens,
we look for their wings
from our 3rd floor niche
but cannot spot them,
even as their notes filter
through snow, glass, and air.

Francine Rubin’s poetry has appeared in the chapbook Geometries (Finishing Line Press), the pamphlet The Last Ballet Class (Neon), the David Mikow Gallery (Baltimore), and  

Brad Rose

Hourglass Figure

She’s jealous of the cloud’s white drape
sashaying in the blue-silk distance,
as I admire its slow, unfolding prettiness
unburdened by rain.

This marks  Brad Rose‘s 16th poem on One Sentence Poems. Read them all here.

Brad Rose


Does the plummeting pelican dive
to where it sees the fish,
or to where the fish is?

Links to Brad Roses fiction and poetry can be found at


“Raise your hand
if you’re alive.”

Reported instruction from police to the mass of fallen bodies after the shooting at Pulse in Orlando.


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Aparna Reddi

Mia + Jay 4ever

A wad of gum,
once pink and soft,
now black and hard,
obscures a heart
etched into the sidewalk.

Aparna Reddi lives in San Francisco and sometimes writes short stories and poetry.