James A. Clark

While She’s Tending Bar

Bono comes through the speakers
singing about mysterious ways
as she mixes her many potions
with careless liquid grace,
and I think she’s perfect—
until I catch her from the corner
of my eye, sweet-talking some suit,
putting on a phony Southern Belle,
bird-dogging the tip jar,
and then I know for sure.

James A. Clark earned his BFA in Creative Writing at Stephen F. Austin State University and is currently working as a professor of English in Nacogdoches, Texas.


J. Paul Dutterer

Jacques’s Box

In every music box
everywhere there is
a little man playing a
miniscule piano
(the same song always,
the same tinny little
ditty) to the delight
of the very young
and the truly old
until at night
with box closed
the little man
can finally
let his fingers
over the
ecstatic keys,
playing the song
(title unknown)
playing the anthem
that is his alone.

J. Paul Dutterer is a Maryland-based author of poetry, stories, and music reviews, whose e-chapbook False Cosmopolitan was published by White Knuckle Press.


John Hawkhead 

Morning practice,
the harpist plucks strings of sunlight.

John Hawkhead is a writer from the South West of England whose book ‘Small Shadows’ is available from Alba publishing.

Sarah Dickenson Snyder


An alligator just killed a woman
in South Carolina out for walk

just as I was today, the loop giving me
two views of waves of mountains and the mist

rising from the White River below,
just out on a dirt road,

the sound of stone on stone,
three deer bending their necks

toward the wet grass,
looking up as I pass.

Sarah Dickenson Snyder has two poetry collections, The Human Contract and Notes from a Nomad with recent work appearing in RHINO and The Sewanee Review. https://sarahdickensonsnyder.com/


Romana Iorga

Room with a View

All I can see out the window
is your absence trimming the landscape.

Originally from Chisinau, Moldova, Romana Iorga is a Romanian-American poet living in Switzerland, where she spends her days mingling with words, dogs, and children, not necessarily in that order.



J. R. Solonche

Summer Is Nearly Done

Summer is nearly done,
fall almost begun,
which I know
because I hear the birds
talking among themselves,
and the insects whisper,
with shriller wings,
their warnings.

J.R. Solonche has been publishing in magazines, journals, and anthologies since the early 70s and is the is author of seven books of poetry.

Heather Hennessee

Ruminations on Prom Night

Sure as a baby giraffe in stilettos, I am helpless against
your will and pristine form,
remembering how I saved your baby teeth in a red velvet box.

Heather Hennessee has been a writer all her life and is finally letting someone peek at her notebooks.

David Adès



the inland sea
explorer after explorer

died to find.

David Adès is an Australian poet whose most recent book Afloat in Light is available through UWA Publishing at https://uwap.uwa.edu.au/products/afloat-in-light.