Brad Rose

What I Learned about God
from Playing Baseball

The umpire never
strikes out.

Brad Rose is the author of Pink X-Ray from Big Table Publishing and three chapbooks from Right Hand Pointing. Links to Brad’s published fiction and poetry can be found at

Howie Good

En Plein Air 

I would like to be
the Sunday painter
who sets up his easel
on the brink of a hill,
the sky so thoroughly
the sapphire blue you loved
it would be impossible
to believe you weren’t
still alive to see it.

Howie Good believes it’s a hard, it’s a hard, it’s a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.

George Held

A Rabbi

Bending over his instruments
like attending to the Torah
the yarmulke-clad anesthesiologist
says he prefers his propofol
with fentanyl, which is easier
to control the dosage of,
and he quips that undiluted
propofol offed MJ, “with the aid
of his physician,” I add,
and the doctor shuts me
up by sending me instantly
Into the realm
of Zero at the Bone.

George Held believes in living long and still having a good-looking corpse.

Ken Gosse

Epitaffy for an Author

His final work, a watershed,
highly acclaimed and widely read,
was kept for years beside his bed,
then posthumously published (ed).

To quote an old-timer who’s a new-comer to writing, Ken Gosse“On the days I don’t rhyme, I might not be who I’m.”

Kara Knickerbocker

Truth be Told, It’s Inevitable 

We will drift apart
to find sleep
in different rooms
with a fan humming
against your ear,
a waning sun
still holding me.

Kara Knickerbocker is a writer, traveler, and anything chocolate-devourer living in Pennsylvania who can be found at

Alan Walowitz

Ars Poetica

Just cause you got a way
with words, mister,
don’t mean you gotta
push ‘em around.

Though he doesn’t have much sway with them, Alan Walowitz pushes words around, especially in Long Island, Queens, and Westchester.