Steve Klepetar

Good Lovin’

A man wakes up after getting bumped on the head,
discovers he’s the only person on earth who remembers

the Young Rascals, belts out “Good Lovin’”
(which sounded like “Dude-A-Love” on the record

which doesn’t exist in this alternate world),
becomes a megastar, gets elected president,

abuses his power by signing an executive order
to repeal and replace “The Star Spangled Banner”

with “Groovin’(On a Sunday Afternoon),”
so the House of Representatives has no choice

but to impeach, and for the first time in our history,
after a long and rancorous debate, the Senate convicts.

Steve Klepetar thinks that racism is not only evil, but stupid.


Judy Kronenfeld


A silver gleam
rises steadily
in the grey-blue
evening sky,

like a mylar moon
on speed,

like my day after day

out of reach.

Judy Kronenfeld’s most recent books of poetry are Bird Flying through the Banquet (Future Cycle, 2017) and Shimmer (WordTech, 2012).


Ken Poyner

Economic Mobility

In a few years, with my own
Capitalist endeavors spent and the last
of my energy but a sliver of silver
on a stray pond bottom,

I could be redirected, wind up
as some minor character on the dark side,
a voice-over of myself, bent
and steady and your very fine
alternative ending.

Ken Poyner has long since lost track of his youth, but is becoming familiar with his old age.


Ken Poyner

Lot at Dinner

The place setting is for one,
and with each month of sustenance
I could tell you how


like wool to be spun,
Is made in salt.

Ken Poyner has long since lost track of his youth, but is becoming familiar with his old age.


Rachel Chen


After my parents began falling out of love,
I spent car rides imprinting my chin
on the back window pane
as rivets of rain marched
a faint, dissonant harmony
drowned out
by the gentle slosh of our tires
slicing across highways,
rolling ceaselessly onwards.

Rachel Chen spends most of her time looking for rabbit holes in a biology lab without windows.