Hilary Sideris


It’s been so long
that when I text the link
to a Times piece about
Manhattan’s tulip trees
out of whose soft, straight
trunks the Lenape dug
their canoes, the trout
teeming in streams, the West
Side’s white sand beach,
so many flowers Dutch
sailors smelled them from
the sea, and say I thought
you would enjoy, my sister
answers, Who is this?


Many years ago, as a child with 20/20 vision in Indiana, Hilary Sideris shot her neighbor with a BB gun.


May Hathaway

Autumn 2019

Sitting in Whole Foods
after school, doing homework
with my boyfriend (left earbud in,

knee against his, papers scattered),
is the only time I understand
Whitman, and for once I know how to

live with being small because my essay
is finished and my playlist is looping
and my hands are whole.

May Hathaway is a high school junior in New York City who enjoys making crepes and doing crosswords.


M. R. Simpson

6:12 AM – 6:14 AM

Two minutes
is just enough time

to microwave popcorn,
to take out the trash,

for the moon to eclipse the sun,
for a plane to crash ⁠—

and so,
these things happen.

M. R. Simpson is a grocery clerk and waitress from southern Pennsylvania.


Katherine Kuhn

On Pause

Even still,
you rise to put on the coffee,
and the birds outside sound like spring.

Katherine Kuhn grew up in Western New York, eventually earning a degree in Literature and Gender and Sexuality Studies at Bard College. Her biggest inspirations include Virginia Woolf, and phrases her friends said to her that got stuck in her head.


Howie Good

Birds of a Feather

The same blue jay
returns throughout the morning
to the empty feeder,

Howard Hughes
watching his favorite movie,
Ice Station Zebra,*
over and over
for years on end.

*43% on Rotten Tomatoes

Howie Good is only rarely this whimsical.


Ian Willey

Time to Cool Down

I realized how much this situation has changed me
while watching some dumb movie and there was this
scene where a woman moves towards a man slowly
as the music lets you know that this is the moment
when they come together and become a something
and their lips are almost touching and I’m thinking
my god, how can they be doing this when neither of
them has gargled or taken a swab test and don’t
they realize this isn’t something people just do
anymore without precautionary measures
or better yet a twenty-year marriage?

To get back home Ian Willey has to take a flight from Tokyo to Chicago and then transfer to Greensboro, NC, when the planes are flying.